Introducing Live Baccarat

There is only one way to really experience what has made Baccarat such a popular game for more than 300 years, and that is to play it with real dealers. In years past, this was possible only at brick-and-mortar venues, but with Fortune Room’s live casino, it is always available, always in easy reach. There are numerous live Baccarat tables from which to choose, each of which offers a unique take on the game in which moves are determined by scores, as well as thrilling chances to win real money.

How to Play

There are 3 different ways in which you can bet when you play live Baccarat. The first is to back the Player hand, the second is to bet on the Banker hand, and the third is to wager they will tie. The hand that scores closest to 9 is the winner.

The first deal gives 2 cards to each hand. If the Player scores between 6 and 9, it stays. If it scores 5 or less, it hits, and gets another card. A third one may also be added to the Banker. Once any required moves have been made, the dealer announces the winner.

Great Game Variations

Fortune Room brings you a great selection of tables run by Evolution Gaming’s professional dealers. In addition to a standard version of live Baccarat, you also can find:

  • Squeeze: When revealing the winning hand score, those running the tables in Macau’s famous casinos perform a suspense-heightening technique known as the Squeeze. That is exactly what this variation offers.


  • Control Squeeze: This option uses a custom-made table with glass panels, special cameras, and optical filters that let you perform the Squeeze at the end of the game.
  • Multi-Camera: Multiple cameras at different angles offer a whole new perspective on an old favourite. Every thrilling moment is captured with all the flair of a Hollywood blockbuster.
  • Speed: Whether you do not have much time available, or you want to pack as many winning chances as possible into a single session, Speed Baccarat is just might be the one for you. Every round lasts only a few seconds, so it is important to have confidence in your skills.

Enhanced Action Online

The luxurious editions of one of the most popular options in our live casino come with various special features. These include side bets, as well as game results. The bets include Player or Banker Bonus, Perfect Pairs, Either Pair, and Player or Banker Pair. If you want to use statistics and results to devise a plan of action, you can choose from the Big Eye, Small, Cockroach, Big, and Bead roads.

Quality Action 24/7

Enjoying the gaming you love is always possible at Fortune Room. Professional dealers staff the tables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A secure banking service means you can make easy deposits, and customer service is always at hand to assist with any technical, account, or other queries. You are sure to agree that live Baccarat has never been this good.