Exhilarating Live Blackjack

Whether you call it Blackjack or 21, the famous card game is unlike any other. It’s packed with thrills from start to finish, offers players chances to use strategies, and provides unbeatable entertainment. The best way to enjoy Blackjack is undoubtedly at Fortune Room’s live casino, powered by Evolution Gaming.

How to Play

One of the first things everyone loves about Live Blackjack is how easy it is to learn and to play. It’s important to remember that 21 is the maximum number of points with which you can win, although being closer to that number than the dealer can also bring victory. After placing a bet, two face-up cards are dealt to you, and one is dealt to the dealer.

If you think your hand has a high enough score to win, you can stand. If you want to take another card, you should hit or double down. If you have two similar cards, you can split them and take more cards to create new hands. The dealer’s hand will then be revealed, and the winner will be announced.

Different Live 21 Tables

The iconic game is available in various settings and styles. Blackjack offers action that suits every bankroll, and every mood.

  • Standard Live Blackjack: Offers 21 just as the world’s top gambling venues do; the standard table is where even the most inexperienced novices will feel welcome.
  • VIP 21 Tables: The VIP table also retains the classic live casino atmosphere, but features bet limits that will most likely appeal to high-rolling players.
  • The Party Table: A dealer and a co-host, both trained for TV presenting, run the game in a way that highlights just how entertaining it can be. In addition to first-class action, the experience also includes amazing studio lighting and lively music.


Side Bets and More

Fortune Room’s live Blackjack tables offer much more than just the standard bets and moves. There are also side bets, as well as other optional extras. Each of Evolution Gaming’s tables can seat up to seven players at a time, but if they are all occupied when you log on, you can use the Bet Behind option to place bets on lucky players while you wait to take your place.

If you are pressed for time, you can use the Pre-Decision feature to enjoy faster action. If you want to win additional payouts, you can place Perfect Pairs or 21+3 side bets. Their outcome is not determined by the main game. Instead, they introduce a bit of Poker-style action, and if you win the one you placed, but lose the round, you still get your winnings.

Tips for Playing

There is more to live Blackjack success than luck alone. You can see one of the dealer’s cards, and you know that there are only so many in the shoe, which means you can use probability to guess the whole card value. What this means is that 21 is also a game of strategy. A few basic ones you can use include hitting if you have an initial score of 8 or less, doubling if you have 10 or 11 points, and splitting Aces, 2s, 3s, 7s, 8s, and 9s.

Ready to take on the dealer? Sign up with Fortune Room and see if you can have the winning hand.