Superior Live Roulette

It’s one of the most famous gaming devices in the world – the Roulette wheel is notoriously impartial – and pays out only at Lady Luck’s command. Whether you know it as the Devil’s Game or the King of Casino Games, you have not fully experienced its power until you have played live Roulette at Fortune Room. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, there is a vast selection of tables headed by real dealers from which to choose.

How to Play

Even though several variations of the game named after the little wheel exist, the method for playing remains the same. To do so, you need to guess where the ball’s resting spot will be, and then place a bet. There are different types of Roulette bets available, some of which offer almost as much as a 50/50 chance of winning. A professional dealer then will spin the device to produce the winning result, which will be announced as soon as it stops spinning.

Various Bets to Place

The two most basic types of wagers you can place include outside and inside bets. These terms indicate it’s location on the betting track.

  • Outside Bets: Located on the outer edge of the track, they are placed by selecting an option that covers several possible results. This includes the colours red or black, as well as odd or even numbers, numbers from groups of twelve, those that are high or low, and more.
  • Inside Bets: Found on the inner edge of the live Roulette betting track, the inside options are very specific. Whether focused on a single number, or on a group of numbers, they are not easy to win.
  • Call Bets: Offered on a separate, smaller track in variations based on the French classic, they take the 0 pocket or sections of the wheel into account. Examples include les voisins du zero (neighbours of zero), orphelins (orphans), and tiers du cylindre (thirds of the wheel).

Many Exciting Variations

Evolution Gaming has ensured there are plenty of live Roulette variations from which to choose at Fortune Room. Most are based on the European edition, but you can also find those based on the French and American ones, as well as many more. Among the others are the award-winning Immersive, as well as Immersive Lite, Speed, Mini, Dual Play, Double Ball, Slingshot Auto, and Lightning, which incorporates certified RNG gameplay.

Tips for Playing

If you have never played live Roulette before, there are a few tips that can help you make the most of what is on offer at Fortune Room’s live casino.

Think about choosing either a European or French-style option. Their wheels have a single 0 pocket, which gives them a lower house edge than other variations. You can also place outside bets for a near-50/50 chance of winning, rather than the more difficult inside options. Lastly, consider using a betting system, as there are no strategies that can guarantee successful outcomes.

Ready to win? Enjoy a warm welcome when you sign up at Fortune Room, and then get that wheel spinning – it could be your chance to win!