Scratch and win with online scratchcard games

Enjoy playing the lottery? Like to try out casino games that require no thinking, no prior knowledge and are rather simple to get acquainted with?

Then let us introduce you to the fan favourite, scratchcards. 

More about scratchcard games

As mentioned, these games are super simple to play, and you will notice the similarity to that of the lottery-style games you can find at your local corner convenience store. So how does playing the online version differ then you may ask?

The jackpots of course!

More reasons you would want to play online 

  • Over 30 game options: with a big collection of game options, you’ll never be left short for choice.
  • Top graphics: each scratchcard is supremely crafted and generated.
  • Security matters: Your personal and banking details when playing are kept private and confidential.
  • You choose how you want to play: practice and Play for Fun, or make a deposit and play to win cash rewards.  

Things to remember when playing scratchcards

  • Bets can only take place on one card at a time. 
  • Complete the card first before requesting a new one.
  • For random bonus wins, match objects, and the winning amounts will be revealed. 

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