Online Video poker

When you play video poker at Fortune Room Online Casino, you will be pitted against the dealer to compete for the strongest hand.

There are two versions available: single-hand poker and multi-hand poker, with a variety of different casino games on offer for each category.

How to play

You are dealt a hand of cards, consisting of 5 cards. You need to obtain the strongest hand by either choosing to hold, or to discard cards from the initial hand you were dealt. Those cards that you discard will be replaced by new cards in the deck in an attempt for you to obtain a stronger hand.

Hands are calculated according to the value of the number, face and suit. The higher the value of your hands, the higher your chances of winning. Whether you place bets or not is determined by your perception of whether or not you have a stronger hand than the dealer.  Additionally, the amount that you win is determined by the value of your hand. 

Video poker games available 


  • Aces and Faces 
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Deuces Wild
  • Jacks and Better
  • Joker Poker


  • 4 Play Video Poker 
  • 10 Play Video Poker
  • 50 Play Video Poker
  • 100 Play Video Poker